Visualization of AoH process in 08.-10.05.2014

Here is the visualization of latest Art of Hosting created by Liina Hongel and Tiina Hoskari.

It seems that reflections from AoH learnings comes weeks after the process itself. At least in my case. I’ve been thinking a lot of the meaning and the action of harvesting in AoH and in general.

It seems that AoH has it’s own very unique way in harvesting. Well, my studies and reflections are still in a process. Hopefully I’ll soon have a modeling to show you guys.

Let the Sun shine on you 😀


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Art of Hosting in Mikkeli 8.-10.5.2014

"Change in yourself is the only possible change you can actively affect.
It happens in time, it needs time, be patient."

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Harvesting Poem

Excitement in the air,

chaos and order, everywhere

Poetry is life, encircled in flesh,

mesh, of thoughts on wire,

fire, of collective smart,

let’s start, create chaos

tremble in the groan zone,

moan, is this ok?

when will it end, transcend

when?, just sit with it

until the click

I’m in the groan, in the dark,

but I see, bits of a new start,

new me,

I want to grow, to be, be free

I tremble, break through

small trigger, a chocolate bar,

can take you far

groan is pearls in disguise

life – wise

Small joy, never know where it will go,

the path will tell where it’s leading

– By Sara Lindeman

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Graphic harvest from May ’13 training by Tiina Hoskari / Kuvitellen

5.-8.5.2013 Art of Hosting – Training in Participatory Leadership in Otavan Opisto, Finland

Tiina Hoskari from Kuvitellen has made these amazing graphic recordings, thanks Tiina!

Flow of the Days & Sign Up Matrix:


The Big Harvest Sheet:


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Anna-Maija’s photos

Here are those few pictures I took on the last day of our AOH workshop. It was very effective but at the same time relaxed learning event we had in Otava, many thanks for the organising team! It was good to learn to know so many new and useful tools for sharing knowledge and ideas when working for a common goal.

I liked a lot Jan’s systematic approach to designing a development process, it was eye-opening for me. Tiina’s graphic facilitation skills and the potential the method has was also an impressive new learning for me. These were my personal highlights, but the whole event was full of new insights, learning and meetings in a creative atmosphere.
I wish everybody a lot of success when practising the art of participatory leadership!


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The World Cafe

– What does participatory leadership mean to me?

– What is the purpose of practicing participatory leadership in the world?






The whole collection of photos from Tanja’s camera is here:

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The Opening Circle

What brought you here?


The whole collection of photos from Tanja’s camera is here:

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photos from Esteve

This gallery contains 11 photos.

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Some new finnish names…

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8 May, 2013 09:21

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